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Many members have responded to my request for information about their systems to help explode some of the myths relating to public area CCTV, but even more responses would help increase the accuracy. At the time of writing we have statistics on over ten per cent (over 40) of the public area CCTV systems which also coincidentally covers an area which includes over ten per cent (over six million) of the population.

The results have been fascinating, and all are available on the website; however, a summary of them follows.


The number of public area CCTV cameras

The off-quoted myth that the number of public area CCTV cameras is 4.2 million was totally destroyed by the CCTV User Group member survey and by DCC Graeme Gerrard’s survey of Cheshire extrapolated to the UK, with less than ten per cent variation by the two approaches.

So the FACT is there are approximately 35,000 town and city centre Public Area cameras and approximately 1.8 million public area cameras owned by other org...

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