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Put sex and new technology together and you’ll always get waves. Victorian societies were scandalised by the arrival of the telephone because women –who were chaperoned at all times – could potentially talk with suitors in private.
Over the last decade, the internet has been censored and content regulated for a multitude of reasons and the principal reason cited by governments across all geopolitical spectrums has been sex – or ‘harmful sexual content’.

What is sexual content on the internet?

The proliferation of sexual content on the internet and the considerable size of the pornography market online is a concern to lots of different groups. However while the online adult sex industry accounts for 12% of web pages, the internet has also been used to express and explore a range of sexual experiences, relationships and content that cannot be considered ‘harmful’.

  • Information about sexual health such as breast cancer prevention
  • Information on reproductive health and contraception...

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