General Article Characteristics of frequent and high-risk cannabis users

Topic Selected: Cannabis
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Cannabis is Europe’s most commonly used illicit drug, with approximately 20 million adults, or around 6% of the population aged 15–64 years, having used the drug in the last year. An indication of the public health impact of the drug can be seen in the numbers entering specialised treatment in Europe for drug-related problems, among whom cannabis is the second most frequently reported drug, after heroin. Against this backdrop, identifying the characteristics of frequent and high-risk cannabis users can help with the identification and design of interventions for those cannabis users most at risk of experiencing problems.

This analysis uses two main data sources to explore frequent and high-risk cannabis use in Europe. First, general population surveys provide data on frequency of cannabis use. Secondly, data collected by specialised drug treatment centres on clients entering treatment for problems primarily related to cannabis use give insight into the personal and social character...

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