General Article 'Clueless or clued up: your right to be informed about contraception' media report

Topic Selected: Sexual Health
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The ‘clueless or clued up: your right to be informed about contraception’ media report explores young people’s attitudes to sex and contraception, and specifically whether they are able to access accurate and unbiased information about contraception and make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

The report, written and sponsored by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, includes the perspectives of 5,426 young people across 26 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the USA. 600 young people were also surveyed in Egypt, Kenya and Uganda.


What do the findings tell us?

Young people are still having unprotected sex with new partners for a variety of reasons and knowledge of effective and reliable contraceptive methods is less than optimal. In some countries included in the survey, the situation appears to be getting worse year on year.

In terms of information access, young people appear to be gathering insights about sex and contraception from a ...

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