General Article Columnist questions NHS funding IVF for over-40s

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A national newspaper columnist has questioned the wisdom of the NHS funding IVF for over 40s – following draft guidance which recommended such a move.

Writing as a woman who knows ‘what it’s like to be desperate for a child’, Amanda Platell warned that the idea of giving free IVF to some women up to the age of 42 is not only wasteful but also cruel.

In her column she also suggested the reason some people put off having children is because they pursued other goals earlier in life.



And she says the ‘cash-strapped’ NHS should not be diverting its resources from other needs.

The columnist described how she had experienced the ‘envy of seeing friends deliver another child effortlessly’ and the sadness of wishing she was able to buy baby clothes for her own child and not someone else’s.

But she said that after a series of operations and a decade of trying, she had to face the ‘reality’ that being a mother was not an ‘entitlement’.

However she added: ‘I spent my own hard-...

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