General Article Condoms: too embarrassed to buy them?

Topic Selected: Sexual Health
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Male participants who were not embarrassed to buy condoms

A recurring opinion emerged; buying condoms is a ‘mark of pride’, not something to be uncomfortable about:

‘Why should the cashier care? I see it almost as a mark of pride’ Inverness

‘We all know what they are for, so why be embarrassed? We should be proud that we’re having safe sex’ Robert Portland Dorset


Male participants who were embarrassed to buy condoms

A small number of male participants said they were embarrassed to buy condoms. One reason was because they have experienced – or felt that people judge them:

‘Because people sometimes give you dirty looks’ Anon

To some participants buying condoms seemed like a public statement that one is planning to have sex, which is usually hidden:

‘You are effectively saying to everyone who can see you, I plan on having sex. We usually hide this statement, or wrap it up with lots of jokes and euphemisms’ Anon


Female participants who were not embarrassed to buy condoms


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