General Article Confessions of a tiger poacher

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Part one

‘Another ten minutes’ says tiger hunter Dale Singh, as he accompanies our Care for the Wild informer network team in India. We are inside the Biligiriranga Swamy Temple wildlife sanctuary and Dale is leading us to his tiger traps. We must remove them before they are activated by a tiger or leopard. Unfortunately, this also means we are quite literally, walking into the tiger’s den.

Despite the area being well known for its tigers, leopards and elephants, it is shocking to think that poaching activities are taking place almost undetected so close to towns and villages. Unfortunately we have had to step up our efforts to meet the increasing demand seen throughout India. Dale’s four-member poaching gang was detained by the forest department just a few hours earlier so we are wasting no time bringing him back to the site in the hope of saving tigers from the jaws of his traps.

In disguise

The poachers are just a handful of traditional tiger hunters whose work feeds the ille...

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