General Article Considering using IVF to have a baby? Here’s what you need to know

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Age is the biggest predictor of IVF success, but not all clinics are equal. Brooke Cagle

Hannah Brown, South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute and Louise Hull

If it’s not you, perhaps it’s someone you know. You don’t look infertile, you don’t feel infertile, but after many months (or years) of trying to start a family, followed by several months of monitoring your cycle in a fertility clinic, it’s time to discuss IVF.

This is a big decision. It will impact your time, your finances, your emotions, your relationships and your dreams of being a parent.

Despite the language of “falling pregnant”, inferring absolute simplicity, infertility is a reality for one in six Australian couples.

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Infertility isn’t picky, but it is ageist!

A woman’s age is the single best predictor of IVF success. This is because a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have, somewhere between...

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