General Article 'Controlled self-harm' policy leaves school under investigation

Topic Selected: Self-harm and Suicide
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Unsted Park School in Surrey is under investigation following the revelation that they implemented a controlled self-harm policy, providing sterilised razors to a pupil at the school.

Unsted Park is part of the Priory Group, and provides education for students aged seven to 19 who have Asperger syndrome and autism.

The self-harm policy is thought to have been designed in collaboration with a female student’s mother and involved staff escorting the student to the bathroom and waiting outside while she carried out self-harm in a ‘safe and controlled manner’.  Staff were told they should check on the student every two minutes, then dress and clean the wound afterwards.

The Principal and Headteacher of the school are both likely to undergo a professional conduct hearing and are facing allegations of ‘unacceptable professional conduct’.

The controlled self-harm policy has now been abandoned, and several staff members are believed to have protested against its implementation.

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