General Article Countries share examples of how tobacco tax policies create win-wins for development, health and rev

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In 2018 only 38 countries, covering 14% of the global population, had sufficiently high tobacco taxes - which means taxing at least 75% of the cost of these health-harming products. By implementing proven policies like tobacco taxes, the costs created by the tobacco industry to local communities and nation can be avoidable. It is a win for population health, revenue and for development.

How The Gambia substantially reduced cigarette use using tobacco taxation

In 2012, prices of cigarettes in The Gambia were among the lowest in the African region. With WHO support, the country made a plan to raise the price of cigarettes. It worked so well the country went on to implement an even more ambitious plan for tobacco tax increases in the following years. As a result, revenues generated in 2018 were nearly three times as high compared to 2011. Meanwhile, cigarette importation was reduced by over 60%.

‘The results of these plans exceeded our expectations,’ said Mambury Njie, Honorable Minist...

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