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The waste crime problem

What is waste crime?

Waste crime is the deliberate breaking of the law by people who don’t manage, transport and dispose of waste correctly.

Not dealing with waste legally can:

  • Cause serious damage to the environment, for example illegal waste operations pollute land and rivers.
  • Pose risks to human health, for example illegal burning produces toxic fumes.
  • Create problems for local communities, such as noise and nuisance for those who live nearby, and declining property prices.
  • Be bad for business, as illegal operators undercut legitimate waste companies.

What happens where you live?

Waste crime affects both rural and urban areas in England and Wales. There are crime clusters around areas of higher population density and key motorway links.

The risks of waste crime

Our focus is on tackling serious waste crime which includes illegal waste sites, the illegal export of waste and large-scale illegal dumping.

Illegal waste sites

Illegal waste sites...

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