General Article Creating a positive online presence

Topic Selected: Internet Book Volume: 371

Social media expert Kieran Smyth shares his advice on creating a positive online presence.

Social media has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We post if we are happy, sad or even annoyed. Even our evening meal can become a topic of conversation amongst our online connections.

As a generation we tend to put our whole lives out there for the world to see.

Come on, admit it - we’ve all posted that awful selfie or the angry status update, not to mention the albums full of holiday pics and time spent messing about with our mates.

But what becomes of all these images and tweets?

They become your digital footprint.

What’s a digital footprint and why does it matter?

Simply put, your digital footprint is a trail you leave behind on the internet.

If you Googled your name, what would you find? If there’s no trace of you, or if what you find is good, then this means you have created a positive

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