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The company, based at the Pool Innovation Centre, has devised an ingenious way of crowdsourcing crime prevention and business is expanding.

The service provides live streaming of CCTV footage from stores and businesses throughout the UK and Europe to be watched by alert citizens in their homes.

If someone spots a thief or something suspicious, they press an alert that sends an email with a link to a video recording of the event to the business owner.

More than 8,000 subscribers each pay £1.99 a month to watch footage from more than 100 locations and collectively spot around 30 suspicious events each day.

If a thief is apprehended, the ‘spotter’ is awarded up to £250 for their vigilance.

The service is the idea of businessman Tony Morgan, 66, who took nearly five years and £100,000 to find the technical solution.

Mr Morgan, who runs a B&B in Dawlish, Devon, says he thought of the idea when listening to a radio programme on shoplifting.

‘I thought, ‘Why can’t we link CCTV to pe...

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