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Living between two cultures – a ‘British’ way of life and the culture your parents or grandparents grew up with – can be a rich and fulfilling experience, but there can also be conflicts and challenges. When teaching our children about their heritage and the traditions we would like to see them continue, it can be difficult to balance these with the more ‘British’ traditions and ways of life that they are growing up with and embracing. Simple things like food through to language show just how complex this can be.
‘I need more information on cultural issues, how to blend the two cultures, and still keep your origins.’
Living, studying and working in Britain obviously shapes some of our values, lifestyle choices and even beliefs. However, for second and third generation (whose parents or grandparents, respectively, were immigrants) black and minority ethnic (BME) people, there are countless other factors contributing to our belief systems and everyday way of life.
‘Children from differen...

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