General Article Cyberbullying affects one in five youngsters in UK

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The study, commissioned by leading children’s charity the National Children’s Bureau on behalf of its Wellcome Trust-funded PEAR young people’s group, examined the scale of cyberbullying and the negative effect it has on young people’s mental health.
Cyberbullying is a relatively new problem which involves people using the Internet or mobile phones to distribute text or images to harass, hurt or embarrass another person.
Niamh O’Brien, Research Fellow, Steven Walker and Dr Tina Moules, Director of Research in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Anglia Ruskin University, led the research amongst young people aged ten to 19 and discovered that cyberbullying was far more prevalent amongst girls. Amongst the young people surveyed, 18.4% admitted to being a victim of cyberbullying and 69% of those bullied were girls.
More girls than boys had also witnessed cyberbullying, known somebody who had been cyberbullied or known somebody who had cyberbullied others.
Of those who said...

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