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What is cyberbullying?

Some features of cyberbullying are different to other forms of bullying:

  • Cyberbullying can take place 24/7. Incidents can take place in the victim’s own home, intruding into spaces that have previously been regarded as safe and private.
  • The audience can be very large and reached rapidly. The difficulty in controlling electronically circulated messages means the scale and scope of cyberbullying can be greater than for other forms of bullying. Electronically forwarded content is hard to control and the worry of content resurfacing can make it difficult for the person being bullied to move on.
  • The profile of the person being bullied and bully may not rely on traditional power imbalances – a cyberbully may not be older, or physically stronger, or hold a position of greater authority than their victim.
  • Unlike other forms of bullying, the target of the bullying will have evidence of its occurrence. The bully will leave a ‘digital footprint’ that can potential...

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