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What’s the big deal?

Most medications on the Prohibited List can be bought at a pharmacy – so they must be safe to use, right?

NO! Medications are for people with specific health issues – not healthy athletes. They were not approved to be used by healthy people, in higher doses and in combination with other substances.


What about dietary or nutritional supplements?

‘All-natural. Pure fast results.’ BEWARE!

Supplement companies are not highly regulated – meaning you never know what you are taking. There could be a banned substance in your ‘all-natural’ supplement.


What’s at risk?

All medications have side effects – but taking them when your body doesn’t need them can cause serious damage to your body and destroy your athletic career.


What else should you know?


There are also methods of administering substances or manipulating your physiology that are banned. These methods can also have negative effects on your body. For example, blood doping, including havi...

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