General Article Dealing with stigma as the parent of a child with disabilities

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Having a child with disabilities in the family

The family of a child with disabilities is, first and foremost, a family. Such a family enjoys doing the same simple things that all families enjoy doing – going for a walk in the park, going to the shops, going out for a meal, having friends round. Equally, the parents of a child with disabilities are, first and foremost, parents. They have high hopes and great dreams for their child. They identify and celebrate the same positive qualities in their child – trying hard, keeping on trying, doing their best – as all parents do. Indeed, children with disabilities do try hard, do keep on trying, do try their best, precisely because, first and foremost, they are children. This deep and enduring commonality of experience – between and among all families, all parents, all children – is amply demonstrated in a recent report, Our family, our future, in which a number of families with children with disabilities were invited to tell their stories...

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