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International aid for poorer countries.

1. Government aid

Most international aid has come as direct loan or grant aid from one government to another government, with richer governments like the US often being the bigger aid givers. But this aid has generally gone to ‘friendly’ governments, rather than to the countries in greater need. And it has often been military aid.

2. International Body aid

Other international direct loan or grant aid has come from two bodies established in the 1940s, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The World Bank has been the bigger donor of both aid loans and aid grants chiefly for redevelopment or reconstruction, while the IMF has mainly managed exchange rates and gives some aid loans. Both of these bodies have been substantially under US Government control and of limited effect in reducing world poverty, but these bodies have recently been concentrating on increasing aid predictability to improve aid effectiveness.

3. Charity ...

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