Depression: alternatives to drug treatment

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If you suspect you could be depressed, talk to your GP. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can stop it becoming worse.

If you have mild depression, and your GP thinks that you’re likely to get better without treatment, they may ask to come back in a couple of weeks’ time, to see how you’re feeling. It’s worth asking for advice if there’s anything that’s causing particular problems – indigestion, for instance, or insomnia. You won’t normally be prescribed antidepressants if you have mild depression, although may be given them if you’ve had more serious depression in the past or if you’ve been depressed for a long time.


Talking therapies

There are a variety of talking therapies available, but you may have to wait some time for them. The average wait, according to the charity SANE, is around 18 months. The Government is investing millions of pounds in psychological therapies, and aims to ev

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