General Article Depression in children and young people

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Depression is a condition in which people may have low mood, a loss of interest in everyday activities, feelings of low self-worth, a lack of energy and poor concentration, all of which last a long time. Depression in children and young people can often come back (recur) and continue into adulthood. It’s therefore important to treat the condition as early as possible.


About depression in children and young people

Around one in 100 children are affected by depression before they reach puberty and three in every 100 teenagers are affected. Depression is twice as common in girls than in boys.
All children feel sad or miserable from time to time, but these feelings often pass. Depression can make your child feel sad or low for a long period of time and it can interfere with his or her life.
There are three levels of depression that are classified according to the symptoms your child has.

  • Mild depression can cause your child to feel unhappy, but won’t stop him or her from leading a...

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