General Article Depression in later years

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Experiencing change

As we approach old age, most of us are going through a significant amount of change. Our children have their own families and can seem distant and independent which is often very different from our own family life. This can mean we have to endure the hugely stressful experience of not seeing our grandchildren because of family conflict or having to take on the responsibility for our grandchildren because their parents cannot cope.

Other complex changes include retirement, if in work, and having to face worrying financial circumstances. There can be a reduced sense of purpose and loss of identity due to not being in the workplace. You may feel very isolated, especially if you are living alone. Our health can become an issue too, and we have to face regularly the serious illness and or death of our friends, family and even our partner.

The effects of depression

Depression is not a normal or necessary part of aging. This is not something you have to endure on yo...

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