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Half the country go online every day

There are 62 million people in the UK1 and more of us are going online, and spending more time there, every day.
By August 2011, 77% of households2 were connected (up 4 percentage points on 2010), with 30 million going online every day or almost every day. 93% of them have broadband connections of 2Mbps or higher3, nearly a quarter (24%) had 10Mbps or above4 and 1% clocked in above 24Mbps in May 20105. In other words, a sizeable chunk of the country has access to the Internet and data-heavy services like advanced websites and video.

We’re internationally mediocre for coverage and speed

However, globally, that’s poor: we dawdle at 26th on broadband penetration and speed rankings, with Bradford the unlikely and only British city to enter the global top 100. Generally, the south and cities are much better catered for than the north and countryside. The Government knows this – and knows how closely coupled high-speed Internet is with improving the...

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