General Article Do young people care about religion?

Topic Selected: Religion Book Volume: 358

By Euella Jackson

Religion – one of two topics that we are taught to explicitly avoid at the dinner table, and funnily enough, a topic that appears to re-emphasise the generational gap between us and those who raised us. The religious landscape is changing and for the first time, according to the British Social Attitudes survey, more than half of the population say they ‘have no religion’. The figures for those who identified as having no religious affiliation have so far peaked at 53% – up from 31% when it was first recorded in 1983 – which leads me to wonder, what role does religion play in young people’s lives today?

Although there is irreligiosity in all generations, it seems young people are driving this change. In general, we are no longer expressing close affiliation with religious values and their institutions – but that doesn’t mean we lack faith completely. Generation Z and millennials often get a bad

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