General Article Does alcohol cause cancer?

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Yes, alcohol can cause 7 different types of cancer.

It’s alcohol itself that causes damage - what type of alcohol you drink doesn’t matter.

Whatever your drinking habits, cutting down will reduce your risk.

What’s my cancer risk from drinking alcohol?

If you drink alcohol, you are more likely to get cancer than if you don’t. But drinking alcohol doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get cancer. Your exact risk will depend on lots of factors, including things you can’t change such as your age and genetics.

Cutting down on alcohol can help reduce the risk of cancer. 

Even a small amount of alcohol can increase your risk, so the more you can cut down the more you can reduce your risk.

Drinking less alcohol has lots of other benefits too. You can reduce your risk of accidents, high blood pressure and liver disease by cutting back.

How does alcohol cause cancer?

There are three main ways alcohol can cause cancer:

  • Damage to cells. When we drink alcohol, our bodies turn it into a chemical ...

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