General Article Does life begin again at retirement?

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There are numerous clichés about age; 40 is the ‘top of the hill’, ‘life begins at 50’ and of course the party animal 18-year-old to name a few. People look forward to certain milestones in their lives, and one milestone that the majority of people look forward to is the retirement age. Although this age keeps rising, people plan what they will do when they have retired and how they will be able to afford all of the things they want to do. Hopefully, most people will have undertaken a lot of retirement planning throughout the course of their life so they have enough money to live comfortably and do things they wouldn’t usually do like go on an extended holiday or even volunteer full time. If a person has not started planning for how they will cope with retirement financially, they need to start thinking about it.

Many financial advisers recommend using a ‘retirement calculator’. This will tell people when they can retire so they can start planning how many years they have to save m...

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