General Article Domestic violence costs £5.5 billion a year

Topic Selected: Domestic Abuse
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The release of these figures coincides with the launch of a new report, Islands in the Stream, which demonstrates the effectiveness and low cost of specialist support for high-risk victims and makes recommendations on how to improve domestic violence services across the country.

In England the estimated total costs of domestic violence are £5.5 billion, which comprises:

The highest total costs in England are in the following areas:

  • London (£918 million)
  • South East (£872.6 million)
  • North West (£720 million)
  • East of England (£590.5 million).

In addition, the human and emotional costs in England are estimated to be almost £26 million per day.

Commenting on the figures, Davina James-Hanman, domestic violence advisor to Trust for London and Henry Smith Charity, said:

‘These figures reveal the huge financial impact domestic violence has across every region and the stress it puts on everything from housing and the NHS to social services. In a climate of cuts, a reduction in sp...

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