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Domestic violence perpetrator programmes are behaviour-change programmes run in small groups, aiming to:

  • help men stop being violent and abusive;
  • help them learn how to relate to their partners in a respectful and equal way;
  • show them non-abusive ways of dealing with difficulties in their relationships and coping with their anger;
  • keep their partner safer.

They run for several weeks and they meet once a week for about two and a half hours in the evening. They are not anger management classes.

A domestic violence perpetrator programme is the most appropriate type of help for men who are abusive and violent toward their partners. These programmes are also known as domestic violence prevention programmes (DVPP).

What happens at a domestic violence perpetrator programme meeting?

Some groups are discussion-based, but most use a variety of interactive exercises to make the learning realistic, stimulating and relevant to men's own situations. There are many different programmes...

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