General Article ‘Drink and drop’ – new survey reveals a nation of thirsty litterers

Topic Selected: Waste and Recycling Book Volume: 385

Research shows just what the nation is dropping.

A new report, produced by Keep Britain Tidy and commissioned by Defra, reveals just how much litter is being dropped and what it is.

The research reveals that the bulk of the litter that is being thoughtlessly thrown on our streets, parks and beaches is the result of our insatiable thirst for drinking on the go.

The survey, carried out at a representative sample of sites across the country in 2019, looked not only at the number of items dropped but at the volume of that litter and it revealed that almost three quarters of the litter – a staggering 75% was the result of drinks consumption.

The most littered item, by volume, was the small plastic bottle (up to 750ml) for non-alcoholic drinks, which accounted for 24.4% of the total, but these are joined by cans, larger bottles, glass bottles, coffee cups, takeaway soft drinks cups and cartons to create a mountain of waste, much of which could and should be recycled but is, instead, pollu...

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