General Article Ecotricity customers cooking on UK's first green gas

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British homeowners can now cook and heat with gas made from eco-friendly ‘composted’ organic waste, in a UK first from pioneering green energy company Ecotricity.
From May 2010, Ecotricity is the first energy company in the UK to include supplies of green gas, made using a composting-like process known as Anaerobic Digestion (AD), in its gas tariff. The green gas is put into the grid, where it mixes with the ordinary ‘brown’ gas supply and is used by customers for heating and cooking in exactly the same way.
Ecotricity’s initial supply is made from sugar beets as a natural by-product of the sugar-making process. Green gas can be made from many different sources, and National Grid predicts that it could supply as much 50% of all Britain’s homes. British households throw away an estimated 8.3 million tonnes of food alone every year.
Ecotricity says it’s been ‘staggered by the response’ from its existing electricity custome

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