Edible water: how eating little balls of H2O could be the answer to the world’s plastic pollution

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Plastic water bottles are one of the worst culprits for the 16 million plastic bottles that are dumped in the UK each year. Julia Platt Leonard meets the innovators who have ditched the plastic and want us to eat water instead.

I’ve slurped water. I’ve guzzled it. I’ve sipped it. But I’ve never eaten it. That changed when I tried my first Ooho. Ooho – or edible water – is the brainchild of Pierre Paslier and Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, who wanted to create an alternative to plastic bottles, the ones many of us buy every day and toss away. Their ingenious solution is an edible, seaweed-based membrane that holds water. 

Quirky? Yes, but also very smart. Their company Skipping Rocks Lab just launched a funding initiative through Crowdcube and raised £850,000 in only 72 hours, smashing their initial target of £400,000.




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