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Research launched today by online charity YouthNet to coincide with European Youth Week (2-9 November 2008), suggests that young people in the UK believe our multicultural society and having friends from other cultures makes the country a better place.
Three-quarters (72%) of the young people surveyed had friends from different countries or ethnic backgrounds and over half (55%) of all respondents welcomed this as an opportunity to learn about different cultures and expand their minds and experiences. Two-thirds (63%) of respondents said that having a multicultural society makes the UK a better place.
However, almost half (46%) agreed that racial tension in the UK was getting worse and three-quarters (69%) believed there was a general lack of awareness about other cultures in the UK. The majority (82%) of the young people surveyed thought that children should be taught about different cultures in school.
The research, which explored 841 young British people's attitudes towa

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