General Article Electric buses: green public transport or THE public transport?

Topic Selected: Sustainable Transport
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The increasing urgency for greener modes of public transport has seen the electric bus take centre stage as a potential solution, but could electric public transport be superior to conventional diesel engines even beyond their environmental benefits?
China moved closer to urban dependence on the electric bus in March 2009, with the introduction of a new fleet of Ankai electric buses to Shanghai. Although intended to lower air pollution levels, passengers have noted additional features of the buses that make them preferable to diesel alternatives – a common find in cities around the world. Electric public transport is beginning to prove itself as more than an environmental alternative to diesel vehicles; in fact, it may actually be more suited to the role the vehicle performs.

Electric bus advantages

The electric engine does not result in a bus that is simply more environmentally friendly yet of a lower quality: in fact, the overall performance is arguably improved. In addition to t...

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