General Article Emerging trends in the plant-based industry

Topic Selected: Dietary Choices Book Volume: 421

The plant-based revolution is here, but is it here to stay? Discover the latest growth opportunities and innovations in the plant-based sector.

The plant-based market

Over the last decade, the explosion in all things plant-based has been immense. First coined as a term in the 1980s, ‘plant-based’ didn’t surface seriously onto the world stage until 2015. With increasing concerns about health and climate, consumer interest in both plant-based diets and plant-based lifestyles has driven a wave of product innovation in the plant-based industry around the world. Data from Mintel Global New Product Database highlights the size of that growth; between 2015 and 2021, the number of new consumer packaged goods launched with a plant-based claim has grown by nearly 700% and accounted for 12% of launches in 2021 (Mintel GNPD 2015 – 2021). It’s safe to say that plant-based is now a lifestyle choice, and it’s here to stay.

Looking at the last five years to May 2021, Mintel GNPD shows that the top ...

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