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A poll commissioned by Compassion in Dying found that six out of ten adults (60%) would only want comfort care at the end of their lives, although just 3% had made their treatment wishes clear in an advance decision. Fewer than two in ten people (14%) would want limited medical intervention – with less than one in ten (8%) people wanting full medical intervention at the end of life.

The majority (53%) also wrongly believed that they had the legal right to make treatment decisions on behalf of their loved ones, if their loved ones lost the ability to communicate their wishes.

Today (19 May), as part of Dying Matters Week, Compassion in Dying, a national charity focussed on end of life rights, is launching a new phone line dedicated to informing people about their existing legal rights and supporting them in ensuring their end-of-life wishes are respected.

The results of this poll highlight the need for people to be better informed about their legal rights at the end of life, so th...

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