General Article Energy efficiency and excess winter deaths: comparing the UK and Sweden

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1. Introduction


David Cameron pledged in February 2013 that he wanted the UK to become ‘the most energy efficient country in Europe[1]’. However, at present the UK is the ‘cold man of Europe’, with very high levels of fuel poverty and poorly insulated homes. In contrast, Sweden has well-insulated homes, meaning that its people suffer less from fuel poverty and excess winter deaths – even though they face higher energy prices and colder winters.

Earlier this year, a report!-- [if !supportFootnotes]--[2]!--[endif]-- by ACE Research for the Energy Bill Revolution compared fuel poverty and energy efficiency in the UK to 15 other European countries. The UK was ranked either the worst, or among the worst, on energy poverty, affordability of heating, efficiency of homes and excess winter deaths. This is despite the fact that it has amongst the lowest energy prices in Europe and relatively high household incomes compared to the other countries. The report showed that the poor energy effic...

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