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Letting a resource go up in smoke

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, there is a growing recognition that waste is a valuable commodity. Traditional methods of dealing with waste such as landfilling or burning and burying produce unacceptable harmful emissions. Instead, different waste streams should be regarded as differentiated resources which can be re-used or re-manufactured. For many other types of waste, recovering their value to provide electricity, heat and/or transport fuels is an easy, valuable and more environmentally sound solution than recycling or landfilling.

Energy from Waste (EfW) uses combustion technology and is the only ‘renewable’ technology which can realistically meet the EU and UK 2020 commitments for ‘heat’ and ‘transport’ sector requirements, whilst at the same time also providing significant quantities of electric power. In mainland Europe, recycling and EfW are both used to their optimum potential, and, as a result, landfilling is successfu...

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