General Article Energy prices rise forcing changes in lifestyle

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By Ben Tobin 



A recent YouGov Reports publication has found that three in ten are spending 10% or more of their household income on gas and electricity, as the debate surrounding energy prices rages on in the Commons and beyond.

Of those in this group, many say they have had to make changes to their lives in order to pay the bills. Almost seven in ten (68%) say they have turned the heating down or off when they ordinarily would have left it on, 27% have spent less on food while 5% have borrowed from short term lenders in order to fulfil bills. 44% of those not in this group say they have had to reduce their usage.

Negative opinions towards energy suppliers and prices are commonplace. 84% agree that companies are quick to raise prices when their costs go up, but slower in offering discounts when they fall. Over two thirds (67%) agree that big energy suppliers act as a cartel, while 66% say the electricity and gas supply market has major problems which the Government needs to addr...

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