General Article Energy security is a top concern for Brits

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Half of Britons (50%) feel that future energy supplies and sources are one of the most important environmental issues facing the nation. Other leading issues are waste management (48%); overpopulation (41%), and global warming/climate change (25%).
Of the 24 nations polled across the globe, Britain is in the bottom third in terms of concern around climate change. Lower-placed nations include South Africa (23%), China (21%), Poland (19%) and Russia (9%). In contrast, we are in the top three nations most concerned about energy security, behind Sweden (58%) and Germany (56%).
Ipsos MORI’s Head of Environment Research, Edward Langley, said:
‘The public are cautious about climate change. They feel there is a lack of consensus on whether it is man-made and the degree to which it will impact their lives. In contrast, our dependency on fossil fuels is a more immediate and tangible risk that they can get their heads around, and one where they see an obvious need to take action to maintain livin...

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