General Article Establishing stability in Afghanistan

Topic Selected: War and Conflict
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We are in Afghanistan for one overriding reason – to protect our national security by helping the Afghans take control of their own. We are helping Afghanistan develop the ability to maintain its own security and prevent the return of international terrorists, such as al-Qaeda.

To achieve this, Afghanistan is supported by a range of international partners to develop its security, governance, infrastructure, economy and ability to provide essential services.



Afghanistan is a top UK foreign policy priority and it is our defence main effort. We are one of more than 60 countries helping the Afghan Government establish the conditions to be able to protect its citizens, provide for their basic needs and determine the country’s future, eventually without significant help from the international community. The British Embassy in the capital Kabul provides a focus for the UK’s work in Afghanistan.

Military support

UN Mandate as part of NATO’s International Security Assi...

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