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The EU Kids Online Project aims to enhance knowledge of European children’s and parents’ experiences and practices regarding use of the Internet and new online technologies, informing the promotion of a safer online environment for children.

Key findings

Main messages

  • 93% of nine to 16-year-old Internet users in Europe have neither bullied nor been bullied online. Those who have bullied or been bullied online are more vulnerable psychologically or from their socio-demographic background.
  • Bullying, and having been bullied online mostly go hand in hand. Around 60% of those who bully have been bullied by others. Bullying and being bullied by others mostly occur through similar modes. Of those who have bullied others offline, 57% have been bullied, though only 10% were bullied online. Of those who have bullied others online, a similar number have been bullied (58%) but 40% online.


  • Across Europe, 6% of nine to 16-year-olds who use the Internet report having b...

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