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Topic Selected: Child Rights
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Pick a country, any country. What proportion of births is registered, and how many children are thus granted an official identity and the rights that flow from it – rights to services, protection, the exercise of citizenship?

How many children die within a year of being born, and how many never live to see their fifth birthday? How long can those who do survive expect to live? Are they receiving essential vaccines and medicines to protect them against the diseases that prey on the young and vulnerable? Are they getting the nourishment they need for their bodies and minds to thrive? Do they have clean water for drinking and washing, and access to safe, hygienic toilets?

What percentage of children enter primary school, and how many make it to secondary school? How many are put to work or married while still children? Do they enter adolescence equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves against HIV?

The data show that tremendous progress has been made during the past few deca...

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