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If you’re stressed about exams you can talk to ChildLine

The pressure to revise and do well in exams, whether it’s from your parents or your teachers can be very stressful.
You might be worried you are going to fail or that you won’t get the grades you need for the job or course you want.
If you are stressed about anything to do with exams, you can always talk to ChildLine – they are there for you no matter how big or small your worry.
You can speak to a counsellor by calling free on 0800 1111 or through 1-2-1 chat online, or email. Or get support from other young people on the message boards.

The pressure of exams can make you anxious

Anxiety can sometimes make you feel tired, upset, worried, shaky, light-headed, frustrated or feeling like you might ‘go crazy’. It can also present itself as a panic attack, or make you feel like you might be sick.
Anxiety or stress can be a result of something specific (like writing exams) or you could be feeling stressed for no specific reason, whic...

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