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Topic Selected: Body Image
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In doing the following exercises make sure that you won’t be disturbed or interrupted.

Exercise 1

Choose three words or phrases that best describe your negative feelings and attitudes about your body, and write them down on separate pieces of paper.
Arrange the pieces in a pile with the one you identify with most at the bottom. Focus on the top piece of paper. Imagine that it’s a kind of garment that you are wearing. Make it as vivid as possible. Notice the colour, shape, texture, etc.
This garment is one of the ways in which you define yourself. Explore how it feels to be defined in this way. What sort of thoughts, sensations, feelings go along with this self-image? Explore how this self-definition affects your self-esteem, your relationships, your peace of mind – in other words how does it limit and affect your whole life?
In your imagination, now take this garment off. Notice how it feels to be without it. Is there a shift in your feelings, sensations and thoughts? Examine what it...

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