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One in five British Facebook users polled in our online survey is currently considering deactivating their account, our results show. Of those contemplating logging out for the last time, more than half are doing so because they’re bored with the website’s service, while over a third have revealed that they are concerned by intrusive privacy settings.

Even so, the site maintains popularity among those surveyed, with nearly a third of users logging on several times a day, with a similar amount visiting Facebook at least once daily.

20% of the 1,605 British Facebook users we asked are considering deactivating their account.

While nearly three quarters (74%) are happy to retain their account with the social networking website.

53% of those we polled who are considering deactivating their account say they are doing so because they are bored with its service.

38% say they find the site’s privacy settings intrusive.

11% of

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