General Article Facebook launches attack on Apple, saying new privacy policy change will hurt small businesses

Topic Selected: Privacy Book Volume: 383

By Andrew Griffin

Facebook has launched another major attack on Apple, arguing that an upcoming update to the iPhone could kill small businesses.

The company argues that a new change to the privacy policy on the iPhone – which asks users to opt in to having their activity tracked – will mean that Facebook’s ads will no longer be as effective.

It claimed that would push small businesses out of operation because they would no longer be able to target ads as effectively.

Facebook also suggested that the new policy was really intended to increase Apple’s profits, rather than helping privacy.

But it confirmed that it would comply with the new changes, over fear that it could “face retaliation” from Apple, and that it “can’t take that risk”.

Still it accused Apple of acting anti-competitively, and said it would support developer Epic Games in its lawsuits against the company over the power of the App Store.

The ongoing dispute between the two companies relates to a feature called App Trac...

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