General Article Factors that contribute to mental health problems in children and young people

Topic Selected: Mental Health
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Asylum seekers and refugees

Asylum seekers and refugees have most often left their country of origin because of war, instability or because their human rights have been abused. Children and young people who arrive in this country under such circumstances face an uncertain future. They face difficulties such as language barriers and racism from the host community. Children will have lost all that was familiar to them, including family, friends and culture. Their mental wellbeing may have been affected by witnessing atrocities, or they may have been victims themselves.
Further information can be obtained from the health for asylum seekers & refugee’s portal ( and the Refugee Council (


Children may experience the death of a grandparent, parent or sibling. While some appear to cope well, others may face a more complicated or unresolved kind of grief, which may be long and lead to depression and other kinds of mental health prob...

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