General Article Families in 2020 - what support will they need?

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What will families look like in 2020? How can we best describe and predict their needs? And how can we work to best equip them for the challenges ahead?

On 30 November, 2009, our Chief Executive Dr Katherine Rake began to develop FPI’s focus on future families with a speech in Westminster.

Dr Rake argued that we need to fundamentally broaden our understanding of the UK family in order to meet its needs for 2020.

She said: ‘Our current understanding of the family as centred on the parent-child relationship will be augmented as we understand more about how the adult couple and the relationship between the child and the whole family – grandparents, step-parents, aunts, uncles and siblings – can play a critical role in securing a child’s well-being.’

Dr Rake also spoke of the implications of the UK’s ageing population, and the changes in the nature of UK fatherhood.

What can we learn from families in Finland?

Scandanavian nations are frequently cited for their forward-thinking app...

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