General Article FAQ about the terrorist threat

Topic Selected: Terrorism
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Why won't you give out more detailed information about the nature of the threat or the Government's emergency plans?

We are committed to giving you as much information as we can about terrorism. Our guiding principle is that wherever we can give you information that will help to protect you, we will. But we also have a responsibility to protect people working in the intelligence and security fields, and not to give out information that could compromise their safety. This includes intelligence, which also needs to be carefully analysed and assessed, to work out whether it is reliable or not.

We know you understand that we will not go into the specific details of contingency plans, because if terrorists knew all the details of our preparations to respond to attacks, it would immediately make those plans vulnerable and put us at risk.

What is the current alert state? Is there a colour code?

We do not believe it is beneficial to the UK to have one single national system to indicate the...

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