General Article FBI-style crime agency to lead fight against drug gangs

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A new FBI-style crimefighting agency will target drug gangs and paedophiles as well as helping to police Britain’s borders, the Home Secretary has said.
Theresa May is expected to give more details of the National Crime Agency (NCA) in a Commons statement later.
The agency, due to be launched in 2013, will replace the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).
It will also include a border police component and take in the work of the Child Exploitation and Protection Centre (CEOP), although CEOP will retain its own brand and budget.
Ms May said: ‘We will bring together resources across a number of agencies which means we can deal with these things and have much more ability to deal with serious and organised crime.’
She said there would be no new money for the agency and the cost of setting it up would come from existing budgets.
The Home Secretary added: ‘SOCA is not going to be disbanded. It will continue but as part of the new NCA, bringing together law enforcement across a number of t...

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